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A map of Maridia


Underwater Tunnels



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Maridia is large, a semi-aquatic section of Planet Zebes in Super Metroid. The area is only accessible after Samus acquires the Gravity Suit in the Wrecked Ship. Most of the area is submerged with water, however a large portion of the area consists of sand walls and quicksand floors. Maridia is said to have once been part of Brinstar,[citation needed] but an epidemic flooded the caverns, similar to Torvus Bog on Aether. The first access point to Maridia, which is the only one available at the time, is in a tunnel in the middle of Brinstar. In order to access Maridia from the tunnel, Samus must lay a Power Bomb and break the tunnel apart. However, the water-filled room cannot be ascended without the Gravity Suit. There are three upgrades to be acquired in Maridia; the Space Jump, the Plasma Beam, and the Spring Ball. Two bosses inhabit the area: Botwoon and Draygon.

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