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The Missile Expansion expansion from Metroid: Other M
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The Missile Expansion, known as Missile Tank in the 2D games, is a common Suit Expansion in the Metroid series. It increases Samus's maximum Missile capacity by five. The exceptions to this rule are in Metroid Prime Hunters, where Missile they expand maximum Missile count by ten; Metroid: Zero Mission, where in Hard Mode, Missile Expansions only increase Missile count by three; and in Metroid: Other M, where they increase the count by one Missile at a time.

Missile Expansions are often found hidden in secret passages or rooms. Many of Samus's upgrades that are less suited for battle, such as the Speed Booster or Spider Ball, are more often used to retrieve Missile expansions and other Expansions.



Screen Data

Screen data from
Missile Tank acquired. #f8f800
Missile capacity increased.[2]


Game Missile Expansion
Super Metroid Missile Expansion - Super Metroid
Metroid Fusion Missile Expansion - Metroid Fusion
Metroid: Zero Mission Missile Expansion - Zero Mission


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Language Name Meaning
French Réserve de Missiles  Missile Reserve  
Spanish Tanque de Misiles  Missile Tank  

Missile Expansion sm Sprite.png Missiles Link=Missile
  1. "Increase the maximum number of missiles you can hold by one." Metroid: Other M Instruction Booklet, Pg 16
  2. "Missile Tank acquired.
    Missile capacity increased.
    " —Screen Data (Metroid: Zero Mission)