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Wave Beam
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Sector 2 (Cryosphere)


Travel through walls

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The Wave Beam is a Chozo weapon left behind on the planets Zebes and SR388 to aid Samus in her quests. It gives Samus's beam the ability to pass through walls, hitting viable targets on the other side.[1]


The Wave Beam fires energy waves capable of penetrating walls and reaching otherwise unreachable targets.[2] Its earliest incarnations depicted it as one oscillating beam following a helical pattern, giving it a wider damage range than the Power Beam.

In Fusion and Zero Mission, however, Samus and the SA-X fire a very large blast with every shot. Combining the Wave Beam and the Plasma Beam in Super Metroid splits Samus's Plasma Beam into two shots.

Most of the thick walls of the Bottle Ship in Other M do not allow simple penetration from the Wave Beam; only glass windows and walls can be permeated.

The SA-X uses the Wave Beam combined with both the Plasma Beam and Ice Beam.

The Galactic Federation researchers aboard the Bottle Ship outfitted Super Zebesian with Wave Beam technology. Their Wave Beams fire much slower than Samus's.



In Metroid, Samus must choose between Beams to carry at a time. She can find the Wave Beam in Norfair.

Metroid: Zero Mission

Metroid: Zero Mission grants Samus stackable Beams. Unable to bypass a Kiru Giru larva, Samus must navigate her way around it to find the Wave Beam in Norfair. She now is given the ability to attack the weak underside of the larvae, normally hidden behind a thick shell, permeable to the Wave Beam.

Super Metroid

Super Metroid plants the Wave Beam in Norfair once again, requiring the Grapple Beam to reach. Here, it can be combined with some combination of the other beams available.

Other M

In Sector 2 (Cryosphere) of the Bottle Ship, Super Zebesians trapped Samus in a glass cage, and they were able to fire their Wave Beams inward toward Samus, but she was unable to retaliate. Adam authorized use of the Wave Beam, making the Super Zebesians easy targets.



In-Game Data

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Metroid: Zero Mission

"This beam, which is made up of energy waves, can pass through solid objects."[2]

Metroid: Other M

"Effect: Increases damage.
Secondary effect of penetrating materials that are transparent or semitransparent."


Game Wave Beam Upgrade
Metroid Metroid Original Wave Beam Upgrade
Metroid II: Return of Samus Return of Samus Wave Beam Upgrade
Super Metroid Super Metroid Wave Beam Upgrade
Metroid: Zero Mission Zero Mission Wave Beam Upgrade



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