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Super Metroid artwork

Super Metroid artwork

First Appearance

Super Metroid

Item needed

Speed Booster


Allows Samus to dash in any direction

The Shinespark is a special technique and a secondary ability of the Speed Booster, which was first introduced in Super Metroid by the Dachora. It allows Samus to fly in any direction. It is often used to save time, obtain items which can't be reached otherwise, break through certain blocks, or reach previously impossible-to-explore areas.

Usage[edit | edit source]

In order to use the Shinespark, Samus must first run until she speed boosts. Once this is achieved, Samus must crouch, enabling her to store the potential energy, which in turn can be used to propel her in one of five directions: left, diagonal left, up, diagonal right, or right. (In Metroid: Other M, these directions are translated as vertical or any direction.) Samus will then Shinespark in the direction that has been selected. This can be performed in Morph Ball mode in Metroid: Zero Mission when Samus acquires the Hi-Jump. In Metroid: Zero Mission and Metroid Fusion, if Samus Shinesparks directly toward a sloped surface, she will continue speed boosting. This technique can be useful to reach seemingly impossible-to-reach areas.

Secret Message[edit | edit source]

In Metroid Fusion, a secret message can be viewed if Samus utilizes the Shinespark to skip a necessary item. Once entering a Navigation Room, a secret conversation between Adam Malkovich, Samus, and a Galactic Federation official will commence. The message mentions Samus's expert use of the Shinespark. Interestingly, there is an alternate method of achieving the secret message without utilizing the Shinespark, but the message will still treat Samus as if she has used it.

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Website[edit | edit source]

"With a boost of speed comes incredible jumping abilities. Capitalizing on the Shinespark technique launches Samus into the air at hyper speed."[2]

Metroid Prime[edit | edit source]

Shinespark Logbook.jpg Speed Booster Logbook.jpg

In Metroid Prime's data, there are two images depicting logbook images of Samus performing a Speed Boost and a Shinespark. Nothing in-game, however can be scanned to reveal these images. Therefore, it has been speculated that Retro Studios initially planned to have the Speed Booster and Shinespark in the game, but removed the feature, possibly due to complications, as it did not appear in either of the following Prime games.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • In Super Metroid Samus will take damage if she uses the Shinespark. This does not occur in any other game featuring this ability.
  • The Shinespark is known as the "Comet Technique" in other languages.[3][4]
  • There is a website dedicated to the Metroid series deriving its name from Samus's Shinespark technique known as ""

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An alternative method to read the Shinespark secret message in Fusion


  1. "While speed boosting, press and release 2 Button Wii.png to perform a powerful jump. If you aren't pressing Controlpad Wii.png in any direction when you release 2 Button Wii.png, you'll jump straight up. Press Controlpad Wii.png when you release 2 Button Wii.png to jump in any direction." Metroid: Other M Instruction Booklet, Pg 21
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Language Name Meaning
Italian Supercinesi  Superkinesis  
French Technique Comète  Comet Technique  
Spanish Técnica Cometa  Comet Technique