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Etecoons are a species of creatures inhabiting the planet Zebes. Though they may not initially appear so, these creatures are of higher intelligence. These creatures, along with the Dachora, seem to have knowledge of Samus's Chozo abilities that she did not know she had herself.[1] The Etecoons endowed Samus with knowledge of the Wall Jump, allowing her to attain otherwise unreachable heights. Samus encounters Etecoons and Dachora again aboard the Biologic Space Labs research station.

They appear in Super Metroid and Metroid Fusion. In Super Metroid, there are three of them in a lower area of Brinstar. They teach Samus the Wall Jump technique,[2] allowing her to escape a deep cavern. During the escape sequence at the end of the game, Samus can choose to go to the room where she fought the Torizo, and allow the Etecoons and the Dachora to escape the planet.

Later, Samus encounters them again on the Habitation Deck of the Main Deck on the B.S.L research station. These creatures may be the same ones that Samus had saved from the planet Zebes before its destruction. Under Adam Malkovich's orders to search for human survivors,[3] Samus comes across uninfected Etecoons and Dachora. She releases them from a locked area, and the creatures flee toward Samus's gunship.[4] Unguided, the Etecoons and Dachora managed to safely navigate their ways toward the Docking Bays. Though this is never elaborated upon, it shows the craftiness and intelligence behind the creatures.

The Etecoons and Dachora appear only once more in the series, saving the gunship from the Omega Metroid. Since neither Samus nor Adam[5] had started the ship, the Etecoons and Dachora were the only ones able to move the ship away from harm and back to save Samus after she defeated the Omega Metroid. The current status of these creatures is unknown, though they and Adam may be some of Samus's few allies after she deliberately disobeyed the Galactic Federation.

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Releasing the Etecoons and Dachora in Metroid Fusion

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