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Landing Site

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A Landing Site is an area where a ship can be landed. The location of Landing Sites vary between games. While they may be improvised, such as Echoes' Landing Site, there are designated Landing Sites in certain areas, particularly Corruption's various Landing Sites.

Zero Mission[edit | edit source]

A Space Pirate Landing Site within Space Pirate Mother Ship
Samus's ship landed on Zebes's surface

Metroid: Zero Mission sports Samus's first ship landing for a mission. The does not appear to be a designated landing area. In fact, it doesn't seem to be anything beyond a large open space; this, however, makes it suitable for a landing area. Samus lands on this area when she arrives on Zebes. She returns to it and escapes in her ship as the planet begins to explode.

Samus later makes a crash landing again on Zebes's surface after her gunship is severely damaged by Zebesians.

Samus later encounters a Space Pirate Landing Site while attempting to take down the Space Pirate Mother Ship based on Zebes. After defeating Mecha Ridley, she escapes on a Space Pirate ship landed in a Landing Site.

Metroid Prime[edit | edit source]

Frigate Orpheon[edit | edit source]

Samus's ship landing on the Exterior Docking Hangar
Main article: Exterior Docking Hangar

Samus first lands her ship on Frigate Orpheon's Exterior Docking Hangar. The Hangar may have been used by Space Pirates to land their ships; however, as Samus lands there are no other ships present. This may have been due to the Pirates' evacuation of Orpheon. After Samus lands her ship, it is not accessible to her until she is escaping Orpheon.

Tallon Overworld[edit | edit source]

Samus's ship landing in Tallon Overworld
Main article: Landing Site (Tallon Overworld)

After chasing Meta Ridley down into Tallon IV, Samus manages to land her ship in the grassy Tallon Overworld. The room where she lands her room, like most other landing sites in the Prime series, is known simply as Landing Site. Samus seems to have picked a large open space for easy landing and taking off maneuvers. No other vehicles are known to have landed here.

Samus's ship lands nowhere else in the events during Metroid Prime, but it does help her escape the Impact Crater through the Artifact Temple.