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Tallon Overworld

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Tallon Overworld

The Landing Site of the Tallon Overworld.


Metroid Prime


Rainforest, Crashed Frigate


Meta Ridley


Tallon IV

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Tallon Overworld makes up most of Tallon IV's surface in Metroid Prime. Samus first arrives there after the destruction of Frigate Orpheon.

Environment[edit | edit source]

Flora and Terrain[edit | edit source]

Flora in the overhang

The Overworld is a rainforest with stereotypical high amounts of rainfall and a constant overcast sky. The thin canopy is primarily composed of indigenous Glowing Spidervines and Red Starbursts, the respective bioluminescence and color of which lend some variety to an otherwise monochromatic overhang. The Overworld floor boasts lush foliage, including exotic, radioactive lichen,[1] Blastcaps, Saturnines, and other fungi; a carpet of mosses, Stone Creepers, and Tallon Ferns; various kinds of weed including Guide Stems, Tangle and Venom Weed; and more volatile plantforms such as Bloodflowers, and Sap Sacs and their underwater relatives Aqua Sacs. The tendency of native plantforms to adapt quickly to changes in geography evidence their hardy nature, as is illustrated by the permeation of foliage in the Crashed Frigate.

Local topography is craggy and overgrown, and includes bracken-filled caverns and groves, ancient ruins and Half Pipes evidencing Chozo colonization,[2] and various water features including falls and lagoons.

Biosphere[edit | edit source]

Local wildlife thrives in the diverse, moist environment, and makes their homes in the water, under the ground, and on the crags. Beetles and Zoomers are common land dwelling enemies, usually burrowed in wait for prey or foraging, respectively. Geemers, an evolutionary offshoot of Zoomers, and Seedlings, while less common, are also present. Marine lifeforms such as Jelzaps and Aqua Reapers make their homes in larger bodies of water, as do swarms of Tallon Crabs.

Landmarks[edit | edit source]

Artifact Temple[edit | edit source]

The Artifact Temple hovering over the Impact Crater
Main article: Artifact Temple

The Artifact Temple, constructed by the Chozo after a meteor brought the Great Poison to Tallon IV, hovers over the infamous Impact Crater. The holiest of Chozo religious sites on the planet, the Artifact Temple was constructed with an abundance of Chozo Statues that work in conjunction with the Cipher to open the way to the Impact Crater. The Chozo Lore entries entitled "Contain" and "Prophecy of Light" are found here.

This is also the location of Samus's battle with Meta Ridley.

Crashed Frigate[edit | edit source]

The interior of the Crashed Frigate
Main article: Frigate Orpheon

After Samus defeats the Parasite Queen and escapes the Frigate, it crashes on Tallon IV. The abundance of native marine wildlife that made the Frigate their habitat after the crash indicates that the area it impacted was probably a large body of water, possibly a lake or sea.

Life Grove[edit | edit source]

The Life Grove
Main article: Life Grove

The Life Grove is an ancient Chozo religious site nestled in the southeast section of the Overworld, directly south of the Great Tree Hall. As such, it contains typical Chozo architecture that is both grandiose and unobtrusive to the natural habitat.

The large room surrounds two trees and several water features. It contains the X-Ray Visor upgrade and the Artifact of Chozo.

Obstacles and Acquisitions[edit | edit source]

Samus only visits a small portion of the Overworld on her mission to the planet. While there are less upgrades in the Overworld than in the other regions of Tallon IV, it is the location of the pivotal Artifact Temple situated above the Impact Crater. There are several Missile Expansions and two Energy Tanks in the Overworld, as well as the Space Jump Boots and the X-Ray Visor upgrades, and two Chozo Artifacts. The crashed Frigate Orpheon covers a large portion of what Samus explores in the area.

The only boss in the Overworld is Meta Ridley.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The Tallon Overworld has the most music tracks in the series, six to be exact: the two main themes, the Artifact Temple theme, the Save Station music, Item acquisition fanfare, Elevator room music, and the two themes from the crashed Orpheon.

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References[edit source]

  1. "This lichen seems to be giving off low levels of radiation. No matches found in flora and fauna database." —Scan Data (Metroid Prime)
  2. "The stone surface this lichen grows on appears too smooth to be natural." —Scan Data (Metroid Prime)

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ターロンオーバーワールド Tallon Overworld
Spanish Superficie de Tallon Tallon Surface
French Surface de Tallon Tallon Surface
German Tallon-Oberwelt Tallon Upper World
Italian Superficie Tallon Tallon Surface 
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