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Artifact Temple

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Artifact Temple
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The Artifact Temple.


Metroid Prime


Tallon Overworld

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Artifact of Truth


The Artifact Temple, called the Cradle by its Chozo creators,[1] is a sacred Chozo site found on Tallon IV.

History[edit | edit source]

Corruption[edit | edit source]

Unforeseen by the Chozo who had colonized Tallon IV, a meteor descended upon the planet and brought with it a Great Poison.[2] The Artifact Temple was built around the Impact Crater in an effort to contain the spread of its poison,[3] and was sealed with the Cipher, a mystical lock made up of twelve sacred relics called Chozo Artifacts. Sealing the crater worked to some extent, severely slowing Phazon corruption throughout the planet, but the spread could not be completely stopped.[1][4]

The Cipher[edit | edit source]

The Cipher is released

The main chamber of the Artifact Temple is the location of the twelve mystical pillars requiring twelve Chozo Artifacts, known collectively as the Cipher, to open a path to the meteor impact site. These Artifacts were scattered throughout Tallon IV to prevent access to the source of the poison from falling into the wrong hands.[1] Clues regarding their location were left in the original Chozo language to guide the one who would be worthy of recovering them.[5] When Space Pirates came to Tallon IV in search of Phazon, they attempted to rupture the seal held in place by the Artifact Temple and enter the Impact Crater.[6] Though the Space Pirates managed to acquire some Artifacts and discover their function, the vast majority of the relic remained hidden, much to their aggravation.[7][8] They eventually discovered that the key to recovering the Artifacts was translating the messages carved into the twelve pillars in the temple, but their language databases were inadequate to the task and they ultimately failed.[5]

It was prophesied by Chozo sages that only the Entrusted One would be able to gather all twelve pieces of the Cipher and open the way to the Impact Crater.[9]

Final Confrontation[edit | edit source]

The Temple turns against Ridley.

Once Samus arrives on Tallon IV and finds all twelve keys, she brings them to the Artifact Temple to enter the Impact Crater and destroy the source of the poison. Before the passage can be opened, however, Meta Ridley attacks Samus and destroys the twelve totems. A battle ensues and Samus defeats him with the help of the Artifact Temple's defense system, which manifests itself with a red glowing in the eyes and etchings of the Chozo Statues of the temple, and he presumably dies. This, however, is proven untrue in later games.

After the defeat of Meta Ridley, there appears to be no way to activate the transport in light of the destruction of the pillars. Unexpectedly, twelve Chozo Ghosts appear and take the place of the totems, causing them to reappear ethereally, and they activate the transport to the Impact Crater.

After Samus has infiltrated the Impact Crater and destroyed Metroid Prime, the Crater begins to collapse and the Artifact Temple is destroyed by a number of explosions.

Samus removes her helmet and surveys the destruction from her ship, and then flies away.

Layout[edit | edit source]

The Artifact Temple consists of a security station that connects it to the Overworld, a long hallway, and the main chamber. The main chamber branches left and right with a horizontal window overlooking the courtyard directly before the entrance, but the right hallway is obstructed by rubble. The Chozo Lore entries "Contain" and "Prophecy of Light" can be found here, one in each direction, and where the hallways would've converged but for the obstruction opens up into the courtyard where the Cipher lies. The Artifact of Truth rests in the center of the courtyard and the research entries for the other eleven Artifacts can be scanned here.

After the confrontation with Ridley, the totems are missing and are replaced by a single, blue beam of light that acts as the transport to the Impact Crater.

Data[edit | edit source]

Available Logbook Entries[edit | edit source]

Scans[edit | edit source]

Scan Data from Metroid Prime (Artifact of Truth)
Located in: Tallon Overworld - Artifact Temple

Artifact of Truth[10]

Inhabitants[edit | edit source]

Creature Number Encountered
Meta Ridley 1  After restoring all Artifacts  

Gallery[edit | edit source]


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Language Name Meaning
Japanese アーティファクト神殿 Artifact Temple
Spanish Templo de los Artefactos Artifacts Temple
French Temple des artefacts Artifacts Temple
German Artefakttempel Artifact Temple
Italian Tempio degli Artefatti Artifacts Temple 
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