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a Zebesian

A Zebesian from Metroid: Other M

Off-Game Appearance

Metroid (manga)

Main Species Space Pirate
Damages by
  • Fire (from claws)
  • Ramming
  • Contact
Threat Capacity


Natural Habitat


Located in

Varies, but usually in Space Pirate areas.

Zebesians[1][2][3] are Space Pirates that have taken over and inhabit Zebes. Their bodies appear to be a combination of insect and bird-like features. Their most distinctive feature are the crab-like claws that open up to fire one or two lasers at enemies. They are also capable of clinging to walls with ease and show acrobatic abilities comparible to Samus. Despite the fact that they are not native to Zebes, they have taken on the name of Zebes after their conquest of the planet. Their true origins and home planet are unknown.

Samus encounters them multiple times in the events of Super Metroid. In Metroid: Other M, the Galactic Federation has created cybernetic copies of the Zebesians on the Bottle Ship, in an attempt to create an elite army force at the disposal of the Federation.[4] They escape and often cause Samus trouble as she explores the Bottle Ship. In Metroid Fusion, all Zebesians are purple, and are X mimicking Zebesians, their presence in the B.S.L research station implies that either the mimicked Zebesians on Zebes then entered the B.S.L station or Biologic Space Labs researchers brought Zebesian specimens for study aboard the research station.


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Green Zebesians

Main article: Green Zebesian

Green Zebesians are usually weak and easy for Samus to kill.

Red Zebesians

Main article: Red Zebesian

Red Zebesians can only be harmed by the Missiles and Spazer Beam.

Pink Zebesians

Main article: Pink Zebesian

Pink Zebesians are only vulnerable to the Plasma Beam.

Yellow Zebesians

Main article: Yellow Zebesian

Yellow Zebesians can only be damaged by the Screw Attack

Silver Zebesians

Main article: Silver Zebesian

Silver Zebesians are very rare. These powerful Zebesians are only vulnerable on their backs.

Gold Zebesians

Main article: Gold Zebesian

Gold Zebesians are very much like Silver Zebesians. They can also only be damaged on their backs and are very resilient.

Black Zebesians

Main article: Black Zebesian

Black Zebesians are only vulnerable to the Charge Beam. They are also extremely quick and resilient, possibly one of the most elite variants of Zebesians.

Cyborg Zebesians

Main article: Cyborg Zebesian

Cyborg Zebesians are a Galactic Federation-enhanced version that have robotic attachments.

Super Zebesians

Main article: Super Zebesian

Super Zebesians are also Federation-equipped, armed with a Wave Beam that can pass through glass.

Aqua Zebesians

Main article: Aqua Zebesian

Aqua Zebesians are unique to the B.S.L research station, they are formed by a mutation caused by adding an extra X. This variant can easily swim and maneuver under water.



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  • Though Space Pirates who had taken residence in Zebes referred to themselves as Zebesians, the Chozo or even Samus could also technically be called Zebesians.


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