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Geothermal Core

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Magmoor Caverns

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The Geothermal Core is a room in the Magmoor Caverns. The room is extremely hot and will damage Samus if she does not have the Varia Suit. The room connects the North Core Tunnel to the South Core Tunnel. The center of the room has a pool of lava that has a number of Puddle Spores in it. The only way across the room is to use a number of platforms that make a path across the room. There are three machines that form pillars in the room. Samus can climb onto the platforms on them by using the Grapple Beam from a side walkway. Each platform has a Spinner that will raise a smaller platform higher. Once Samus reaches the highest one with the help of a Spider Ball Track, a Bomb Slot can be used to activate the devices. They will push away the stone ceiling to reveal a long path made from Spider Ball Tracks. This path has a number of Plated Parasites, and leads to a White Door to Plasma Processing. The Trilogy and PAL versions of the game will have some rubble blocking the entrance to Plasma Processing that can be destroyed with a Power Bomb.

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