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The Sunchamber is a room in the Chozo Ruins. It was the seat of a Sacred Fountain that supplied water to all of the ruins during the Chozo colonization, but the Phazon-mutated creature Flaahgra poisons that water with its presence.[1] It is connected to the Sunchamber Access and the Sun Tower Access.

Samus first comes to the room after obtaining the Morph Ball Bombs in order to determine the source of the toxin. As she enters, a large root system blocks the exits. The room is circular, with a walkway surrounding a large pool of water with an island in the center. There are four mirrors surrounding the pool that focus light at the center. Their original purpose is unknown, but Flaahgra uses them to power itself. After Samus destroys Flaahgra, the large "leafy" part remains, and stays there for the duration of Samus's time on Tallon IV. After Flaahgra's defeat, the Varia Suit appears near the door to the Sun Tower Access. The roots covering the door to the Sunchamber Access do not disappear.

When Samus must return to get the Artifact of Wild, she is forced to come through the Sun Tower Access. On her second visit, there are 4 Chozo Ghosts in the room. After she defeats them all, the Artifact appears in the center of the room, and the roots disappear from the doors.

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  1. "The cries of this dying land echo in our ears as we Chozo watch the Great Poison seep ever further into the living pulse of the planet. The dark energy sinks into the trees and waters, devouring all life. Peaceful beasts die by the thousands - some creatures survive, but their forms grow as twisted and evil as the force that fell from the sky. Many of these mutated monstrosities remain small enough to do little harm, but others grow enormous and threaten our very existence. One such beast defiles our sacred fountain, disgorging poison from its foul form, replacing pure, flowing water with cascades of creeping death." —Chozo Lore "Spreading Evil" - PAL version (Metroid Prime)

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