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Chozo Ruins

Connected Rooms
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The Furnace is a room in the Chozo Ruins. It is first accessed from the West Furnace Access, where it opens into a small area. This area has a ground level Morph Ball tunnel on the right, and a higher one with Spider Ball Tracks on the left. The lower tunnel leads to a room with an Energy Tank. The other tunnel leads to an area above the lower tunnel with unstable blocks. If Samus is not quick enough, she could fall to the lower tunnel. The upper tunnel opens up into the main room, which contains a number of machines and some Beetles. There is a part of the floor that can be destroyed to reveal a Half Pipe using a Power Bomb. This Half Pipe can be used to reach a high Spider Ball Track. This track leads over a number of machines that also have a few Plated Parasites on them. This main room has a White Door that leads to the East Furnace Access. A small Morph Ball tunnel on the side leads to the Crossway Access West. There is a Chozo Lore entry above this tunnel. A number of Chozo Ghosts will also appear on later visits.

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