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Ruined Shrine (Chozo Ruins)

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Ruined Shrine
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The Ruined Shrine


Metroid Prime


Chozo Ruins

Connected Rooms
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The Ruined Shrine is a room in the Chozo Ruins.

After entering through the Ruined Shrine Access, Samus traverses a Half Pipe into a pit from which she cannot immediately retreat. The Morph Ball upgrade rests in an alcove, but when Samus approaches it, a barrier appears and a number of Beetles attack. After all Beetles have been destroyed, a Plated Beetle appears. After its defeat, the Morph Ball can be obtained, and Samus can use a tunnel running under the half pipe to leave.

On the right side of the room, there is a small Morph Ball tunnel that can be opened with a Morph Ball Bomb to reveal a Missile Expansion. Another Missile Expansion can be obtained by going up the left side of the Half Pipe. A Spider Ball Track is accessible on the right side of that Half Pipe which leads to a Purple Door connected to the Tower of Light Access.

Samus will encounter Chozo Ghosts on later visits to the room.

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