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Biohazard Containment (Tallon Overworld)

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Biohazard Containment

The flooded Biohazard Containment


Metroid Prime


Tallon Overworld

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Sunken Frigate Main Theme


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This article is about room on the Crashed Frigate. For room on Frigate Orpheon, see Biohazard Containment (Frigate Orpheon).

Biohazard Containment is a room on the crashed Space Pirate frigate Orpheon in Tallon Overworld. The upper level is armed with two Auto Defense Turrets, while the lower level is submerged and has two Aqua Drones. On later visits, the Aqua Drones are missing and a cluster of Aqua Reapers have infested one of the containment areas.

One of the Cordite containment pods on the lower level can be destroyed with a Super Missile to reveal a Missile Expansion.

The Wave Beam and Thermal Visor must be used to activate the Power Conduits in the room to power the door.

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