Ruined Gallery

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Ruined Gallery
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The Ruined Gallery

Game Metroid Prime

Chozo Ruins

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Chozo Ruins Plaza


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The Ruined Gallery is a room in the Chozo Ruins. It is accessed from the North Atrium and leads to the Totem Access. The upper level of the room consists of two raised walkways at either end, both with doors. The lower level is filled with poisonous water with some islands of rubble. The islands have Blastcaps and Tangle Weed on them. In the northwest corner, there is a wall that can be destroyed with a Missile to reveal a Missile Expansion. There is also a looping Morph Ball tunnel on the east wall that contains another Missile Expansion. This tunnel requires the Morph Ball Bombs to be accessed. There is also a door to the Map Station on the lower level. There is a War Wasp Hive on the ceiling that spawns War Wasps.

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