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Transport Tunnel A (Magmoor Caverns)

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Transport Tunnel A
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Samus approaching an Energy Tank


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Magmoor Caverns

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Transport Tunnel A is a tunnel in the Magmoor Caverns. The room is extremely hot and will damage Samus if she does not have the Varia Suit. The tunnel connects the Monitor Station to the Transport to Phendrana Drifts North. The tunnel must be navigated with the Morph Ball.

Within the tunnel, a lower path leads straight through, but a risky upper path leads to an Energy Tank. The tunnel has a number of metal blocks that will be temporarily destroyed after being hit with two Morph Ball Bombs. Samus can only access the upper bath by using three Bombs at once to gain great height. This technique unfortunately destroys the metal blocks beneath Samus, so if she fails to make it for some reason, she will fall down and will have to start over. Four such jumps will be needed to obtain the Energy Tank. Note that in the Trilogy Version, the Spring Ball can be used in this situation with much less risk.

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