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Radioactive Lichen mp1 Screenshot 01.png

Lichen growing beside Tallon Ferns

Game(s) Metroid Prime
Planet(s) Tallon IV
Area(s) Tallon Overworld
Threat Capacity Benign
Climate Tropical

Lichen, a composite organism composed of a fungus and a symbiotic photosynthetic partner, usually algae, appears plentifully in Tallon Overworld in Metroid Prime. The specific kind of lichen that grows on Tallon IV gives off low levels of radiation, and is unlisted in the Flora and Fauna Databank used by Samus Aran.[1]

The fact that many indigenous Tallon IV species do appear in the databank, but the lichen does not, may indicate that the impact of a Phazon-laced meteor brought the radioactive lichen to the planet, or that it mutated the lichen beyond recognition, which would explain its radioactivity. The lichen is harmless to Samus and gives off a soft blue light.



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