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Spore Spawn
Spore Spawn

The Spore Spawn


Super Metroid

  • Spores
  • Thorns



Super Missile

The Spore Spawn is a mini-boss that appears in Brinstar in Super Metroid. This aggressive plant was genetically engineered by Space Pirates,[1] likely to guard Brinstar from the Federation. Spore Spawn sits in a very large room, attached by thorny vines of some sort to the wall behind it. Unlike most plant-enemies, Spore Spawn is highly mobile, able to zoom across the large room it sits in. The plant creature has an impenetrable shell, but it occasionally stops moving and reveals its sensitive core.[1]


Spore Spawn seems highly aggressive or hungry, as it attacks Samus as she jumps up into its room. Spore Spawn slowly moves around the room, shaking down spores that damage Samus if she touches them. After a while, Spore Spawn will cease movement and open its weak inner core, but Samus cannot trigger this pause. At this brief juncture, Samus can fire her Power Beam or Missiles at its vulnerable core before it closes up again.

As the battle goes on, Spore Spawn will move around more quickly. It will become increasingly red in color as it takes damage, much like many other enemies. Its quicker movements will make it more difficult to avoid; however, if Samus rolls into her Morph Ball at the bottom of the room, it will be unable to touch her, although its spores still pose a threat. Rolling to a corner of a room will minimize the possibility of being damaged.

After defeating it, Samus may reach her first Super Missile Expansion, allowing her to shoot the devastatingly powerful Super Missiles. Spore Spawn's body remains in the room it was defeated in, a dried husk upon which Samus can stand.




Game Spore Spawn
Super Metroid The Spore Spawn


  • Through the use of sequence breaking, Samus can obtain Super Missiles early, allowing her to skip Spore Spawn entirely.
  • Considering their physiology, Spore Spawn may be a heavily genetically engineered Cacatac, as those are the only creatures on Zebes remotely resembling the creature.
  • Spore Spawn is one of few bosses whose corpse can be seen after death.
  • The Imago battle is very similar to the Spore Spawn battle, it even has a remade version of the battle theme.


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