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A Bloodflower in Tallon Overworld


Metroid Prime

Damages by

Toxic spore[1]


Plasma Beam

Threat Capacity

Hostile, damaging

Natural Habitat

Tallon Overworld

A Bloodflower is a carnivorous plant that is commonly found on the surface of Tallon IV. They become hostile when they detect a threat, attacking Samus if she approaches.

Morphology and Ethology

The flowers attack Samus and other creatures by shooting toxic spores. These spores, however are toxic even to Bloodflowers themselves.[1] These plants can be destroyed by reflecting their own slow-moving spores; Samus can shoot ejected spores, sending them back toward attacking Bloodflowers. Bloodflowers whither quickly when poisoned. They can also be destroyed by receiving sufficient beam damage, being particularly weak to the high-temperature Plasma Beam.

As evident in nearly all plants, Bloodflowers seem to rely heavily on water for nourishment. All Bloodflowers are found next to bodies of water that exist throughout Tallon Overworld. These creatures are also highly hostile in nature and much more resilient when compared to most life forms found in Tallon Overworld. Among Tallon's plants, this creature shows many animal characteristics that aren't found in plants other than Flaahgra. Because of this, it is possible that Flaahgra is a highly mutated Bloodflower or similar plant, though it is not known what Flaahra's original species of plant was.




Area Room Number in Room
Tallon Overworld Root Tunnel
Tallon Overworld Root Cave
Tallon Overworld Great Tree Hall


  • Scanning the spores shot by Bloodflowers results in the scan for a Bloodflower to show up.
  • Bloodflowers seem to be an expanded concept of plants capable of rapid movement, such as the venus flytrap or sundews. They are, of course, much more dangerous than such real-life plants.
  • There are various real-life species of flowers that have been colloquially called "blood flowers" such as asclepias curassavica or calothamnus sanguineus. These flowers, like Bloodflowers, simply share a red coloration. More likely than not, Bloodflowers were named for their color and possibly for their demeanor.


A Bloodflower in action.


  1. 1.0 1.1 1.2 "The Bloodflower is able to eject toxic spores. Toxins are poisonous even to the Bloodflower itself. Three mouth-nodules protrude from the stalk beneath the flower, each with a rudimentary brain cluster and the ability to spew toxic fumes at anything with a five-meter radius. The spores ejected from the Stigma at the center of the flower are sufficient to kill this creature if they explode in its vicinity." — Logbook "Blood Flower" (Metroid Prime)

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ブラッド フラワー  Blood Flower  
Spanish Flor Sangrienta  Bloody Flower  

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