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The Remember Me? icon featuring Anthony Higgs, created by Supernicknobros
The Remember Me? icon featuring Anthony Higgs, created by Supernicknobros

Remember Me? is a feature on Metroid Wiki allowing fans to reminisce about past Metroid occurrences. The name, if you did not know, originates from a meme created by fans as Other M's early trailers were released. In one of these trailers, Higgs reveals his most famous phrase: "Remember me?" (this was part of the entire phrase "Ah... Fancy meeting you here Princess! Remember me?") as he speaks to Samus referring to their Galactic Federation days.

This section revives past happenings or certain qualities of Metroid that will make long-held, die-hard Metroid fans go "ahh, those were good times" while entertaining even those fans newest to Metroid. There is a wide variety of things that can appear on this section, ranging from ancient Metroid commercials to really old merchandise; old theories to new articles written by Metroid Wiki editors about old games. Any user can submit their ideas for this section, on this page's talk page, the discussion center, the skype chat—anywhere that makes sense. This section will be taken care of by Malake256, so his talk page would also be a viable place to submit ideas. The feature should be appearing biweekly (once every two weeks) at the least.

Archives[edit source]

5 - The Life and Death of Dread[edit source]

4 - Metroid Passwords[edit source]

Main article: 4 - Metroid Passwords
The very mysterious Justin Bailey in action

Older generation gamers may remember a form of "manual saving" where predetermined passwords were used to call older states in the game. Extremely old NES games (such as Megaman, Caslevania 2: Simon's Quest, and more importantly Metroid) lacked internal batteries, meaning they lacked the ability to save, resorting to a special password input left behind by modern consoles. After dying or reaching certain check points, gamers were often given codes, expected to write them down. Just who is Justin Bailey? What is a Narpas Sword?

3 - Mysterious Ship[edit source]

Main article: 3 - Mysterious Ship
The mysterious ship appearing in the finale of Corruption

For those who have played through all the nooks and crannies of Corruption and completed the lengthy feat of collecting the one hundred suit expansions available have likely seen a lasting image in Metroid Prime's history. Upon a 100% clearing of the game, a common Metroid goal, the player is left with an ambiguous ending: a Mysterious Ship follows Samus's gunship as she exits the current galaxy.

2 - Meta Kraid[edit source]

Main article: 2 - Meta Kraid
The fabled creature, Meta Kraid

As Metroid fans, it's very easy to recognize the face of the giant green, scaled boss: Kraid. His thus far appearances have been unforgettably legendary, appearing in only three Metroid games, all in two dimensions. There were, however, plans for a three-dimensional appearance for the first 3D game in the series released, Metroid Prime. One and only one image of this Kraid has been released in Metroid's history.

1 - Super Metroid Commercial[edit source]

Main article: 1 - Super Metroid Commercial

Super Metroid US commercial

The first object in our series is a very classic, old-school commercial airing in North America. This half-minute commercial aired around Super Metroid's release mid-1994, approximately two decades ago! This game must have been serious business to scare our rottweiler, "Killer", into a measly chihuahua!