Omega Pirate Absorption System

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Omega Pirate Absorption System
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Metroid Prime


Absorbs energy-based weaponry


Omega Pirate

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The Omega Pirate Absorption System is a variant of the Energy-siphon System technology utilized by Space Pirates in their Project Helix ventures. Apparently used solely by Omega Pirate units, this technology allows the user to absorb energy from Beam weaponry, which can be used as a power source for other systems.[1] The system is vulnerable to Missile bombardment -- a critical design flaw which correction was a top priority for Science Team.[2]

Because Samus only ever encounters one Omega Pirate specimen, the technology is rarely seen in use. It was issued to Omega Pirate units along with the Plasma Incendiary Launcher and Chameleon Manta technologies.[3]

References[edit source]

  1. "Phazon-enhanced Space Pirate. Incredibly strong, armored, and well armed. Elite Pirates are potent foes. Their energy-siphon system absorbs Beam weapon shots, which they use to fuel a massive Plasma Artillery Cannon. The nature of this system makes them vulnerable to concussion-based weapons. Well armed, the Elite Pirate is effective in close combat and at a distance. Their massive size can be a weakness, and their sluggish speed allows for evasion and quick attacks." —Metroid Prime Logbook "Elite Pirate" (Metroid Prime)
  2. "Omega Pirate Absorption System test results are in. Field tests indicate that the system is very effective against Beam weaponry. We are alarmed at the field's inability to handle Missile attacks, however. Science Team is working around the clock to correct this critical design flaw. The Omega Pirate cannot afford such a weakness in battle." —Scan Data (Metroid Prime)
  3. "Elite Pirate Upsilon's propensity for Phazon has enabled our research team to infuse it far beyond our safety restrictions, and the results have been extremely encouraging. Its constant Phazon diet has increased its mass exponentially, but it has retained all mental faculties and shows dexterity with all Elite weaponry, including Plasma Incendiary Launchers and the Chameleon Manta issued for cloaking purposes. Elite Pirate Upsilon exhibits miraculous healing abilities: when injured, it seeks out Phazon deposits and coats itself in the substance, which instantly mends the creature's wounds. The subject, which we are code-naming Omega Pirate based on these developments, shows potential to be a new standards for our armies. Our only concern at this point is its potential overdependence on Phazon." —Pirate Data "Omega Pirate" (Metroid Prime)