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Chameleon Manta

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Chameleon Manta

The Omega Pirate engaging the Chameleon Manta


Metroid Prime


Cloaks user


Space Pirates

The Chameleon Manta is a Space Pirate technology utilized by their Project Helix specimens, most notably the Omega Pirate.[1] It cloaks the user, rendering him or her invisible for a time.

Because the Chameleon Manta draws vast amounts of energy from the defense systems, it leaves the user vulnerable to attack.[2] This flaw can be exposed during the battle with the Omega Pirate, which cloaks itself using the Chameleon Manta while it heals itself by absorbing Phazon. Though this cloak is effective in the normal light spectrum and against thermal imaging, X-Ray imaging can still be used track the wearer intermittently.

References[edit source]

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  2. "Most powerful of the Elite Pirate Forces. Omega Pirate can become invisible to normal sight. It is vulnerable when cloaked, as all energy is drawn from defense systems." —Metroid Prime Logbook "Omega Pirate" (Metroid Prime)