Plasma Artillery Cannon

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Plasma Artillery Cannon
An Elite Pirate armed with a Plasma Artillery Cannon

An Elite Pirate armed with a Plasma Artillery Cannon


Metroid Prime


Elite Pirates




Space Pirate technology with weak thermal shielding

Plasma Artillery Cannons are mounted weapons used by Elite Pirates to launch disruptive projectiles in Metroid Prime.

Unlike other pieces of technology commonly used by Space Pirates, the Plasma Artillery Cannons used by Elite Pirates were apparently not of Space Pirate origin. They were stolen from a warehouse belonging to a military division known as the Egenoid Star Marines.[1] Further inspection of these weapons revealed that, though they were fully functional, inferior thermal shielding gives them a high heat signature, which can be targeted using Thermal Imaging.[2] The Cannons used by Elite Pirates are connected to their Energy-siphon Systems to augment performance, but the resulting explosive chain reaction that occurs if the Cannon is destroyed incurs severe damage to the wearer.[3]

The Omega Pirate variation, called the Plasma Incendiary Launcher, shares none of the weaknesses of the Plasma Artillery Cannons.

Scan Data


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