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Elite Nutrient Mix

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Elite Nutrient Mix

A Phazon Nutrient Vat processing Elite Nutrient Mix


Metroid Prime

Located in

Phazon Mines


Phazon enriched ration

Elite Nutrient Mix, also called Elite Pirate Ration and Elite Ration Mix, is an ingestible substance used by Space Pirates to sustain their Project Helix specimens. Produced in Phazon Nutrient Vats,[1] this mixture is a combination of Phazon,[2] Deca-Triticale (which was later replaced by Phazon-infused Saturnines),[3] and other undisclosed ingredients.

Rejection of the mix by Elite units was a problem,[4] as was unauthorized usage.[5] Overall expenses were brought down, however, when the deca-triticale was replaced by Saturnines, which were mass-produced for use in the Elite Nutrient Mix.[6]

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