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Phazon Elite
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EPG-8642, a Phazon Elite


Metroid Prime

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Space Pirate


Phazon Mines


Elite Research


Artifact of Warrior

Phazon Elites are Elite Pirates with energized Phazon directly infused into their bodies; this provides them with high levels of energy, but short life spans. Unlike most Elites, Phazon Elites do not carry the vulnerable plasma cannons. They instead rely on Wave Quake Generators.[1]


Samus Aran only encounters one Phazon Elite specimen in the Phazon Mines: EPG-8642, field designation 'Elite Pirate Alpha.' After she drops a Power Bomb near its Bendezium-reinforced stasis pod, it will break out and immediately attack Samus. Its entire body is vulnerable, yet very resilient. As with other Elites, Samus may only harm it when its Energy-siphon System is inactive.

Once Samus kills it, she will be able to obtain the Artifact of Warrior.






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