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Plasma Incendiary Launcher

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Plasma Incendiary Launcher
The Omega Pirate armed with Plasma Incendiary Launchers

The Omega Pirate equipped with two Plasma Incendiary Launchers


Metroid Prime


Omega Pirate


Incendiary projectiles


Space Pirate technology with superior thermal shielding

Plasma Incendiary Launchers are sophisticated projectile launchers utilized by Space Pirates in their Project Helix endeavors, most notably by the Omega Pirate specimen.[1] The incendiary projectiles fired by these launchers are extremely powerful and cause considerable damage.

Unlike the Plasma Artillery Cannons used by many Elite Pirates, which have weak thermal casing that can be targeted using thermal imaging,[2] Plasma Incendiary Launchers are well shielded. The Omega Pirate is equipped with two of these launchers, one mounted on each shoulder.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

The projectiles fired by Plasma Incendiary Launchers can be scanned, producing incomplete scan data for an Elite Pirate and various unrelated logbook images.[3]

References[edit source]

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  2. "Evaluation of Plasma Artillery Cannons is complete. The weapons are fully functional, but a flaw has been discovered. Subpar thermal shielding gives them a high heat signature. This could make them easier to target for enemies with enhanced vision capabilities." —Scan Data (Metroid Prime)
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