Cryosleep Tank

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Cryosleep Tank
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A cryosleep tank housing an Elite Pirate

Located in

Phazon Mines


Space Pirates

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Cryosleep Tanks, also called Stasis Tanks,[1] are devices utilized by Space Pirates in their Project Helix endeavors. These chambers are immune to Samus's arsenal, but a single punch from an Elite Pirate on the inside is enough to shatter one. Additionally, the stasis tank housing the Phazon Elite in Elite Research can be destroyed back damaging the Bendezium alloy plates with a Power Bomb.[1]

Several stasis tanks are used to house Elite Pirates in the Phazon Mines, especially in Omega Research. Each of these units apparently has a designation, though only Unit CS-4468R is named. The largest of these units is the one built for the Omega Pirate, whose immense size necessitated a new cryosleep tank design.

Scan Data[edit | edit source]

Scan Data from Metroid Prime (Cryosleep Tank)
Located in: Dynamo Access

Cryosleep Tank. Unit CS-4468R. Unit modified for Elite Pirate storage.[2]

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References[edit source]

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