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Omega Pirate
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The Omega Pirate towering over Samus


Metroid Prime

  • Wave Quake Generators
  • Twin plasma cannons
  • Melee attacks

Phazon Mines


Elite Quarters


Omega Pirate Boss Theme

The Omega Pirate, also known as Elite Pirate Upsilon, is the most powerful of the Elite Pirate forces and the pinnacle of Project Helix. Its body is more resilient than that of an Elite Pirate and it is capable of absorbing Phazon to regenerate, becoming invisible when it does.[1] Due to a design flaw in its energy absorption system not present in its Elite Pirate counterparts, it remains vulnerable to Missiles while attempting to siphon energy from beam weapons.[2]


The Omega Pirate was designed to be the most powerful of the Project Helix endeavors. Samus encounters only one Omega Pirate, but the Space Pirates intended to make more, though this undertaking was not without its challenges: simulations revealed that rapid cellular degeneration from intense Phazon exposure was resulting in unacceptably short life spans in test subjects, which was not cost-effective for the project,[3] and Omega Pirate weaponry still had critical design flaws.[2] Since test subject life span predictions were available in simulations only, it seems that specimen was the first experiment with the Omega Pirate design.

The Space Pirates constructed an especially large Cryosleep Tank to house their creation in the Elite Quarters and stationed it beneath an unusual Phazon formation, around which they erected a series of catwalks. Phazon bubbles up from a pool under the tank, perhaps coming in direct contact with the subject and acting as a source of sustenance.


When Samus approaches the stasis tank in the Elite Quarters, the Omega Pirate awakens and shatters its stasis pod. To defeat it, Samus must destroy the Phazon plates on its knees and shoulders, which weakens it to the point of collapse. When weakened, the Omega Pirate summons reinforcements while it engages the Chameleon Manta technology, rendering it invisible as it attempts to heal.

Eventually the Omega Pirate will appear in one of three veins of Phazon in the chamber to regenerate the plates, and it is completely vulnerable during this time. To combat the cloaking technology, however, Samus must use the X-Ray Visor to target it. After causing sufficient damage to it, the Omega Pirate will disappear again and reappear at another vein of Phazon. If Samus damages it enough before it has finished regenerating, it will call for more reinforcements. Otherwise, it will disengage the cloak and return to combat with a renewed set of Phazon plates, and the cycle repeats.

Once defeated, it will collapse directly on top of Samus before disintegrating. The Phazon inside the Omega Pirate corrupts Samus's suit, resulting in the Phazon Suit and endowing Phazon Beam capabilities.




  • In the Trilogy and PAL versions of Metroid Prime, a well timed Power Bomb can be used to shatter all four plates at the same time, however in the NTSC version it will only cause the Omega Pirate to briefly stumble.
  • In early releases of the NTSC version, the Omega Pirate can become momentarily frozen before it breaks out of its statis pod. This can be exploited to damage it before it begins to move. This does not occur in any other versions of the game nor in later releases of the NTSC version.
  • The Omega Pirate may be one of the largest bosses Samus has ever fought, along with Kraid, Quadraxis, Flaahgra, Mogenar, and Amorbis.


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Language Name Meaning
Japanese オメガパイレーツ  Omega Pirate  
Spanish Pirata Omega  Omega Pirate  
German Omegapirat  Omega Pirate  
Italian Pirata Omega  Omega Pirate  

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