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An aerial view of SkyTown


Metroid Prime 3: Corruption



SkyTown is a research facility that floats high above the clouds of Planet Elysia. The Facility was created by the Chozo and is a known Galactic Federation base as well as Space Pirate facility. SkyTown is the only part of Elysia that Samus visits in Metroid Prime 3: Corruption, besides the planet's Leviathan. What remains of SkyTown during Samus's visit is less than 50% of what it was when the station was first developed.

History[edit | edit source]

Chozo Reign[edit | edit source]

Chozo architecture in SkyTown

According to Lore entries, the Chozo race began development of SkyTown 1500 years before Samus Aran's visit. They created the area with individual Research Pods with what appears to be rocket engines under them, allowing them to hover. As the Chozo added on more to SkyTown, they spent important time for research and studies. This inspired them to create mechanoids to build and perform maintenance to the facility, while the Chozo studied space and its quantities.[1]

The mechanoids, dubbed Elysians, were created about 50 years after SkyTown was first being built.[2] The First Elysian was given self-awareness by the Chozo and marked Year One of the Elysian race.[2] The Chozo sent Observation Satellites through the regions of space to further study the stars.[3] A Chozo Researcher discovered an unknown planet that was extremely far away, even by Chozo standards.[3] The Planet was revealed to be a living sentient, although the rest of the data was lost before any more could be revealed.[3] 400 years after the Elysians creation, the Chozo departed from the Planet so that other races could learn of their knowledge and the Elysians might find answers to the mystery of the unknown planet.[4] The Chozo then departed to the Planet Tallon IV, and was there that a massive object collided into the planet. This was recorded by the Elysians as they were in stasis 200 years after their creators' departure, caused by the lack of critical supplies, and stored in their memories in "dreams".[5] The Elysians remained in their slumber for 835 years.[6]

Galactic Federation Arrival[edit | edit source]

1035 years after the Chozo left SkyTown, the Galactic Federation Fleet approached the Planet and triggered the Elysians' defense systems, ultimately ending their stasis.[6] As the Elysians prepared for battle, the Federation communicated with them and declared themselves to be coming in peace. A Treaty was made, and the two organizations cooperated together and created an age of prosperity for the Elysians.[6] The Federation granted the Elysians supplies, fuel, and parts, and in return, they allowed the Federation to use SkyTown's scientific systems and learn a great deal of knowledge from their databanks.[7] SkyTown's conditions in the sky were too dangerous for humans, however, and the Federation was forced to extract all of the humans and implant an Aurora Unit into the station's network, 217.[7] 217 controlled the SkyTown facility, as well as the Elysians themselves. Throughout the next 65 years, the Elysians aided 217 and the Federation in research.[8] One of these research studies was on the meteor impact on the Pirate Homeworld, which was then found out to be a link to the unknown planet. 65 years after the Aurora Unit's connection, it was infected by an unknown virus.[9]

Leviathan Impact[edit | edit source]

Approximately five months before Samus's arrival to Elysia, the Elysians witnessed a Leviathan impact their own Planet, destroying most of SkyTown. This spread Phazon throughout the Planet.[10] Not much time had passed when Space Pirates attacked SkyTown and took control of its Eastern area. They destroyed many Elysians along the way, and crushed all plans of resistance from the drones. The Pirates built a massive shield around the Seed almost immediately after they had arrived.[11] The Elysians soon discovered how they were being controlled by Phazon and that it was keeping them alive. They figured they could defeat them in some way revolving around their Phazon-based anatomy.[11] Elysians were soon Corrupted and put under Space Pirate control. Two weeks after the impact, Hunter Ghor arrived at the facility to inject a vaccine into 217 and rid it of the virus. However, he too became corrupted by Phazon and lost his own will. He set off to hunt the remaining Elysians.[12]

Revival[edit | edit source]

Bounty Hunter Samus Aran was soon commissioned by the Galactic Federation to carry out Ghor's duty and inject the vaccine into Aurora Unit 217. She successfully did so as well as defeat Ghor himself. She then received word from 217 that components to a Theronian Bomb were placed across SkyTown, and she set off to locate and assemble them. She did so, and dropped it on the Leviathan Shield with her Ship Grapple Beam, and defeated Helios and destroyed the Leviathan, ridding SkyTown of Phazon once and for all.

Creatures[edit | edit source]

Every creature of SkyTown is an Elysian mechanoid, although Xenoresearch Labs contain Phazon Metroids that were stationed there by the Space Pirates.


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