Aurora Unit 217

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Aurora Unit 217
Aurora Unit 217

Aurora Unit 217 surrounded by Phazon


Metroid Prime 3: Corruption

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Aurora Unit

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Aurora Unit 217 is the Aurora Unit in charge of maintaining SkyTown in Elysia. He was corrupted by the Phazon virus that was created by the Space Pirates, but was cured by Samus when she came to SkyTown. When first encountered, 217 seems to be shut down. After being cured by Samus, Ghor, under the influence of Phazon corruption, severs the connection 217 has with Skytown. After Samus defeats Ghor, she repairs the connection. 217 now guides Samus through the action of destroying the Elysian Seed with a Theonian Bomb. Later, 217 plays a major part in guiding Samus in the game. Also of note, 217 apparently discovered Phaaze.



  1. "Aurora Unit 217 was originally built to support GF Naval Base Demeter, but was assigned to SkyTown base shortly after the Treaty of Elysia was signed 14 years ago. 217 has served admirably in its role as SkyTown administrator. Vast amounts of tactical intel have been delivered from SkyTown under AU 217, along with valuable stellar and interstellar research data. It has interfaced well with the Elysian mechanoids and enjous a productive working arrangement with them." — Logbook "Aurora Unit 217" (Metroid Prime 3: Corruption)

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