Space Pirate Mother Ship

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Space Pirate Mother Ship
Mother Ship.png

The Space Pirate Mother Ship

Game(s) Metroid: Zero Mission
Owner Space Pirates
Status Destroyed
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The Space Pirate Mother Ship is a Space Pirate vessel used by Ridley. In Metroid: Zero Mission, its only game appearance, it lands in Chozodia shortly before Samus enters Ridley's Lair. After Samus's ship is shot down, she is forced to infiltrate the ship armed only with the Paralyzer for protection. Once the Ruins Test is passed and the Legendary Power Suit is acquired, Samus tears through the area in search of something to escape with, finding and battling the Mecha Ridley at the top of the Mother Ship. Upon defeat, it activates a self-destruct mechanism; Samus steals one of the small scout ships, and manages to escape the resulting explosion.

Language Name Meaning
Spanish Nave Nodriza Pirata  Pirate Mothership