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X-Ray Visor

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X-Ray Visor
The X-Ray Visor in use in Metroid Prime.

Samus viewing a cloaked Shadow Pirate through her X-Ray Visor

Located in
  • Allows Samus to see certain cloaked enemies
  • Allows Samus to see through Phazite
  • Pinpoints weaknesses on certain enemies
This article is about the Prime series X-Ray Visor. For the Super Metroid visor, see X-Ray Scope.

The X-Ray Visor is the last Visor upgrade obtained in both Metroid Prime and Metroid Prime 3: Corruption. It is used to see through walls, reveal cloaked enemies, find hidden objects, and locate hidden passages. Visors with similar function in the series include the X-Ray Scope from Super Metroid and the Dark Visor from Metroid Prime 2: Echoes.

Appearances[edit | edit source]

Metroid Prime[edit | edit source]

In Metroid Prime, the X-Ray visor is found in the Life Grove, a chamber deep within Tallon Overworld. It is the only visor that can track Chozo Ghosts as they phase in and out of existence.[1] It can also track invisible platforms, such as those used to cross the Phazon-filled ditches in Metroid Quarantine A.

The X-Ray Visor can be used to track other powerful creatures with cloaking abilities, such as the Omega Pirate, which engages the Chameleon Manta when vulnerable,[2] and to see the Metroid Prime creature, which render itself invisible to the normal light spectrum intermittently.

Finally, the X-Ray visor also reveals the contents of hollow structures and can be used to locate hidden Missile Expansions, Doors, and even Chozo Artifacts.

Certain robotic enemies disrupt the visor with static, rendering it useless until they are defeated.

Metroid Prime 3: Corruption[edit | edit source]

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In Corruption, the X-Ray Visor is obtained on the Pirate Homeworld. It's functionality is nearly identical to its previous incarnation. However, it can be combined with the Nova Beam to locate critical weak points in certain enemies and defeat them in a single shot. Also if Samus has it activated when accessing the password-protected consoles on the Pirate Homeworld it can enable her to discover the hidden password allowing her to use that console.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Since the X-Ray Visor in Metroid Prime shows Samus's skeleton even when she is firing a weapon, the X-Ray Visor reveals how Beams and Missiles are fired using the Arm Cannon. Oddly, as seen in this image, most of her hand gestures don't match up with the ones in the HUD.


  1. "Spectral entity. Bioelectric field invulnerable to natural energies. As these entities phase in and out of existence, the only reliable way to track them accurately is with x-ray scanning." —Logbook "Chozo Ghost" (Metroid Prime)
  2. "Omega Pirate can become invisible to normal sight. It is vulnerable when cloaked, as all energy is drawn from defense systems. By exposing itself to Phazon, it can regenerate damaged tissue and organs." —Logbook "Omega Pirate" (Metroid Prime)