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Nova Beam

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Nova Beam

The Nova Beam

Located in

Can pass through Phazite.

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The Nova Beam is a beam weapon obtained within the Pirate Homeworld, and the last beam upgrade obtainable in Metroid Prime 3: Corruption.

Properties[edit | edit source]

The Nova Beam Upgrade

The Nova Beam is an upgrade to the Arm Cannon that discharges emerald-green bursts of high frequency energy. It shoots a high-frequency beam that can pass through certain surfaces (acting much like the Wave Beam), namely those made of Phazite; this may allow Samus to directly target an enemy's vulnerable internal organs when used in conjunction with the X-Ray Visor. It is more powerful than the Plasma Beam.

The Nova Beam retains all of the properties of Samus's previous beam weapons, namely the Power Beam's ability to shoot rapidly and the Plasma Beam's ability to weld unstable or damaged machinery and melt obstacles of metal.

Found on the Pirate Homeworld, the Nova Beam is used by the Space Pirates to assist in Phazon mining; its high-frequency allows the Space Pirates to extract more Phazon, as lots of Phazon is otherwise inaccessible by Phazon plating. It is located inside a mining mechanism used to extract Phazon from various rock sources. Once Samus destroys the mining mechanism in a major Space Pirate confrontation, the Nova Beam becomes hers.

Some of the few enemies that Samus can find critical spots within their bodily systems are Metroid Hatchers, Phazon Metroids, Omega Ridley, the Infant Leviathan, and a few others. If Samus manages to hit a critical spot, the enemy may be instantly dispatched, greatly shortening fights with Metroid Hatchers.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Although it is the Beam's energy and trajectory that passes through Phazite armor, the ability will not function unless the X-Ray Visor is used as well.
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