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Dark Visor

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Dark Visor

The Dark Visor upgrade


Metroid Prime 2: Echoes

Located in

Dark Torvus Temple

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The Dark Visor locating a normally invisible platform

The Dark Visor is a Visor of Luminoth design originally worn by A-Kul[1] and the first visor upgrade in Metroid Prime 2: Echoes. It is obtained after defeating Chykka in Dark Torvus Bog's Dark Torvus Temple. It is the game's version of the Thermal Visor from its predecessor, Metroid Prime, and functions similarly to it.

The Dark Visor highlights any enemy or special object in red. It is used to find hidden platforms, enemies, and objects in a state of Transdimensional Flux presence. It is very useful for detecting Dark Pirate Commandos, which are near-invisible to the Combat Visor and is needed to see Dark Samus in the second fight with her in Sanctuary Fortress. It also allows the wearer to target any of the Ing in its respecitve amorphous state.

Also, Flying Ing Caches can only be targeted using the Dark Visor, but after the first shot connects, the Dark Visor goes all white and it is necessary to use the Combat Visor in order to finish destroying the Cache. In the Aetherian equivalent of the room with the Cache, the Dark Visor can be used to see an outline of a Flying Ing Cache where the Cache sits in Dark Aether.

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  1. "Our champion wore a visor that pierced the veil of Dark Aether’s eternal night. Take it back from the Ing. Let no darkness slow your mighty hand." —A-Voq (Metroid Prime 2: Echoes)