Genesis Chamber

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Genesis Chamber
Game Metroid Prime 3: Corruption


Connected Rooms
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The Genesis Chamber is a room on Phaaze from Metroid Prime 3: Corruption. The Genesis Chamber is an important room in the Metroid Prime series. It acts as a nursery, harboring Infant Leviathans until they mature and rise to the surface of Phaaze before setting out on a transgalactic journey to find and corrupt other planets. The chamber is extremely large vertically. In the center is the Leviathan Womb, below is a pit of Phazon slabs covering the entrance to the Sanctum which are under constant exposure to Phazon released by the Womb above. Along the sides of the room are two ledges which Samus can stand on and attack and ultimately destroy the Infant inside the Womb. There are many small tunnels which allow Jelsacs and Phazon Metroids to constantly enter the room and attack Samus while she tries to destroy the Womb. Along, the walls, the Scan Visor shows husks that appear similar to Metroid Prime from Tallon IV.

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