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Bryyo seen from orbit


Metroid Prime 3: Corruption


Kalandor Region

Solar System

Federation Solar System

Neighboring Planets
Dominant Race

Bryyonians (former)

Current Status

Mostly Uninhabitable

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Bryyo is a planet in the Federation Solar System, located in the Kalandor Region, on the fringe of Federation space. The planet is the largest known natural source of Fuel Gel and thus of great importance to the Federation.

Fuel Gel production[edit | edit source]

Proceeds from Bryyonian gel sales go directly to the Federation military forces protecting the Kalandor Region, where the Federation has established such a strong presence that the system Bryyo is located in has been dubbed the Federation Solar System. In the same system the Federation maintains a large military base on the planet Norion.

Natives[edit | edit source]

The natives of Bryyo used to be a highly sophisticated race. The naturally occurring Fuel Gel made it possible for them to rapidly extend their presence into the cosmos, where they met with other races such as the Luminoth, the Ylla and the Chozo. Their rapid technological development became their downfall as their culture was unable to adapt to the changes. When visiting the planet in Metroid Prime 3: Corruption, all natives show nothing but hostility towards Samus.

The Chozo warned the people of Bryyo of the dangers of introducing technology to their culture too fast, but they were not listened to. The people of Bryyo eventually divided into to two camps, the worshipers of science and those who longed for the primal days of Bryyo. The conflict eventually led to a full scale war between the two factions. Friendly races attempted to put a stop to the fighting but they were too late.

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ブリオ Bryyo
Spanish Bryyo -
French Bryyo -
German Bryyo -
Italian Bryyo
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