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The Ing, also referred to as the Ing Horde or Dark Tribe, are a race of aggressive metamorphs that inhabit Dark Aether and are the primary antagonists of Metroid Prime 2: Echoes.[1] After a Leviathan impacted Aether and sent the planet into a state of Transdimensional Flux, Dark Aether was born and with it the Ing, who embroiled the planet in war and were consequently named after the Luminoth word for terror.[2]


Besides their metamorphic physiology, the Ing have a variety of deadly abilities. One of the most dangerous is their ability to possess creatures. These possessed creatures, known as Darklings, gain increased strength and resilience.[3] The Ing are also capable of possessing inorganic machines.[4] Many Ing are capable of firing transdimensional energy beams. They can also travel between Aether and Dark Aether in a gaseous state but must quickly possess a nearby creature or machine, as they can't survive for long on Aether's surface. It is unknown, though, how they initiate the portal to actually get between the dimensions.

A shared weakness amongst the Ing is light, which the Luminoth exploited by inventing the Light Beam.[5]


Luminoth data on the Ing indicate they have a complex hierarchical system fueled by fierce competition for rights within the Horde and even social rites of passage.[6][7] They also have no qualms about partaking in cannibalism.[8]

Forms of Ing

Ing Larva

Main article: Ing Larva Swarm

Ing Larvae are the first and weakest form of Ing. They travel in swarms for protection.[9]


Main article: Ingstorm

Ingstorm are a group of small, deadly Ing that can break down most objects.[10]


Main article: Inglet

Inglets are small, weak Ing that are used for labor.[11]

Warrior Ing

Main article: Warrior Ing

Warrior Ing are the primary soldiers of the Ing and one of the most common types of Ing. They are more powerful than most other Ing.[12]

Hunter Ing

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Hunter Ing are high ranking, powerful warriors of the Ing Horde and have phasing abilities.[13] They are also the only Ing allowed to possess Pirate Commandos.[6]

Emperor Ing

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The Emperor Ing is the ruler of the Ing and the most powerful in the Horde. It is also the first Ing.[14]


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  2. "In time, we created machines to open rifts to our enemy's world. Volunteer scouts went through the rifts and found a twisted world, harsh and poisonous...a Dark Aether. They discovered that this world held the missing half of our planet's energy. They also saw the true face of the enemy, a race we came to call "Ing", meaning terror. Our scouts could not survive long on the surface of Dark Aether, so venomous was its air. Still, we vowed to return. We prepared for war" —Luminoth Lore (Metroid Prime 2: Echoes)
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  14. "Bioscans indicate that this is the eldest, strongest Ing in the Horde, the alpha and the omega. It has absorbed enormous amounts of Phazon energy into its body, mutating itself in the process. Apparently this power is not enough for the creature, as it is now siphoning energy from the final Energy Controller." —Logbook (Metroid Prime 2: Echoes)

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