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Luminoth Technology

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Quadraxis, one of the many machines constructed by the Luminoth

The Luminoth, as a species, are a warrior race, but are also extremely technologically advanced.

After their world was split, many of their finest achievements fell into the hands of their fierce enemy, the Ing. Samus acquires some of these devices and bonds them to her Varia Suit.

Luminoth Equipment[edit | edit source]

Unused Content[edit | edit source]

Luminoth Mechanoids[edit | edit source]

The Luminoth created several different kinds of mechanoids for various purposes, but many of these were eventually possessed by the Ing and turned against their creators. O-Lir, Sentinel of the Fortress Temple, was among the foremost inventors - if not the sole inventor - of these mechanoids.[1]

Luminoth Biotechnology[edit | edit source]

Some Luminoth creations are organic in nature: living creatures without mechanical structure.

Luminoth Structures[edit | edit source]


  1. "During the war, I built a number of mechanical sentinels to join me in battle. They were made to fight the Ing, and fight them they did...for a time." —O-Lir (Metroid Prime 2: Echoes)