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A cloud of Meta-Viprium Gas


Metroid Prime

Located in

Tallon IV


Toxic gas naturally produced by Puffers

Meta-viprium is a toxic gas used as a defense mechanism by Puffers.[1] Additionally, it may be a source of propulsion for them, as they lack wings or other devices. It appears to be naturally synthesized by Puffers, which release small amounts of it as they float about in search of food. It is damaging to both organic and inorganic matter, and is even potent enough to damage Samus's Power Suit.

Its green coloration and use as an explosive and possibly propulsive mechanism by these creatures make it extremely similar to Nohadin Gas secreted by Preeds.

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  1. "Unstable gas-​filled organism.​ Will rupture on contact.​ ​Puffers fill their bodies with lethal meta-​viprium gas and float about in search of food.​ If ruptured,​ the gas within the Puffer is violently released.​ Despite their fragile bodies,​ Puffers are aggressive hunters.​ The gas cloud they release upon death is often fatal to the creature that brings them down as well." —Metroid Prime Logbook "Puffer" (Metroid Prime)