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A Puffer in the Magmoor region

A Puffer in Magmoor Caverns


Metroid Prime

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Puffers are hovering, gas-filled organisms found on Tallon IV, though similar species are found on several different planets.


Though Puffers do not appear to have any offensive attacks, they will rupture and contact and explode, releasing toxic Meta-Viprium Gas in the process.[1] This lethal gas may, in fact, be the mechanism that allows them to hover above the ground in the absence of wings or similar devices.

Samus encounters them in Magmoor Caverns and in the Phazon Mines. Puffers float about in search of food, and are aggressive hunters. They are usually encountered in groups and have sense enough to avoid contact with each other, though they do not appear to make any attempt to avoid contact with Samus.

Puffers are also native to the Pirate Homeworld, though Samus only encounters their Pirate-enhanced variants, Puffer Mines.[2]




Puffers in action.

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  1. 1.0 1.1 "Unstable gas-​filled organism.​ Will rupture on contact.​ ​Puffers fill their bodies with lethal meta-​viprium gas and float about in search of food.​ If ruptured,​ the gas within the Puffer is violently released.​ Despite their fragile bodies,​ Puffers are aggressive hunters.​ The gas cloud they release upon death is often fatal to the creature that brings them down as well." — Logbook "Puffer" (Metroid Prime)
  2. "Avoid contact with the Puffer Mine. These creatures are cybergenetically enhanced version of the Puffers native to the Pirate Homeworld. Engineered by Space Pirates, they are now used as patrol animals. Their bodies have been filled with Phazon gas to be used as a defensive measure. If their shell is broken, their bodies explode and send a cloud of toxic gas out all around them. Nearby attackers rarely escape the volatile fumes." —Metroid Prime 3: Corruption Logbook "Puffer Mine" (Metroid Prime 3: Corruption)

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