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Red Magma Crystal

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Red Magma Crystal

Red Magma Crystals


Metroid Prime

Located in

Magmoor Caverns


Crystal encasing liquid lava

Red Magma Crystals are naturally occurring formations in the Magmoor region. The red crystal encases liquid lava,[1][2] and varies greatly in size and shape. The crystal contains only a low Phazon residue, making it relatively worthless to the Space Pirates who had set up a base of operations in the Monitor Station, but they were reportedly of great worth to the Monks of Grondheim, leading to a recommendation to process the crystal for that market once their Phazon operations ceased.[3]

The massive Stalactite above the Space Pirate structure in the Monitor Station has a high occurrence of especially large formations, and the liquid lava within them can be seen clearly even from a distance.

An error in the NTSC version of Metroid Prime allowed a large crystal protruding from one wall to be scanned, with the same scan data as was available on a Space Pirate computer panel.

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