Orange Phazon

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Orange Phazon
Orange Phazon mp1 Screenshot 02.png

Orange Phazon in the Impact Crater

Game(s) Metroid Prime
Located in Impact Crater
Properties Highly concentrated form of Phazon

Orange Phazon[1] is a rare variation of Phazon that is only found in the Impact Crater of Tallon IV. It is highly radioactive and can kill a creature within seconds.

Orange Phazon can damage Samus even through her protective Phazon Suit. Direct contact causes energy to drain exponentially faster than contact with regular Phazon. It appears to be the result of extreme Phazon concentration, or it could be the result of the Metroid Prime's unique anatomy.

Red Phazite Armor encountered in Corruption is also made of a substance of considerably higher potency then regular Phazon, possibly Orange Phazon.




  1. Though the name "Orange Phazon" doesn't occur in the textual data from the game, the name for the scan used within the game data is "POI_Crater_Orange_Phazon_Scan.scan"
  2. "Limited data on unknown material available.

    Material is highly radioactive. You will take damage from direct contact. Mutagenic qualities at least 86% greater than Phazon. Unshielded bioforms below index level P will suffer fatality within moments.
    " —Scan Data (Metroid Prime)

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