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The Second Chozo Memory from Samus Returns showing the Chozo extracting Aeion from the wildlife of SR388

Aeion, or Aeion Energy as it is sometimes referred to, is a "mystical and powerful resource" that is emitted by SR388.[1] This resource was used by the Chozo to create various upgrades known as Aeion Abilities which allow Samus to "temporarily power up with several abilites."[2]

Morphology[edit | edit source]

There is not much information in regards to the nature of Aeion. It was first discovered by the Chozo on SR388, having been extracted from the creatures on the planet as seen in the second Chozo Memory from Metroid: Samus Returns. It was then used by the Chozo in the creation of the Aeion abilities as well as other technology with it being able to be integrated into Samus's Power Suit and the armor Raven Beak wears.

Aeion Abilities[edit | edit source]

An Aeion Ability Artifact in the mouth of a Chozo Statue

Aeion Abilities are various upgrades that Samus uses that make use of Aeion to function. As they use Aeion, these upgrades are temporary and will cease to work once Aeion has been drained or in Metroid Dread once the ability has been turned off. In Samus Returns, Samus gets these by entering an Aeion Ability Artifact while in Morph Ball form[3] while in Dread Samus collects special cubes which contain the Aeion ability.

List of Aeion Abilities[edit | edit source]

Appearances[edit | edit source]

Metroid: Samus Returns[edit | edit source]

An Aeion Tank

Metroid: Samus Returns was the first game in the series to feature Aeion. This game uses a gauge that pulls Aeion to power the various Aeion abilities Samus receives in Metroid: Samus Returns. In Samus Returns, Aeion Orbs are generated from defeated creatures or melee countering which restore Aeion to the gauge meaning Samus must seek Aeion out to refill her gauge if it runs out of Aeion.[4] Additionally, Chozo Statues and Aeion Recharge stations can fill her gauge and she can seek out Aeion Tanks to increase the maximum capacity by 50 and even completely restore lost Aeion.[5] This game also allows Samus to make use of multiple Aeion abilities at once, though it comes at the cost of her Aeion gauge draining faster.

Metroid Dread[edit | edit source]

Aeion makes a return in Metroid Dread where on ZDR it is seen with different behavior than on SR388. In Dread, Aeion regenerates naturally after Samus performs any action when integrated in Samus's Power Suit, though it is not able to be pulled from while it regenerates.[6] There are no Aeion Tanks in this game meaning that Samus has no way to increase her maximum Aeion gauge capacity.

Screen Data[edit | edit source]

Screen data from Metroid: Samus Returns
Aeion fuels special abilities, like the Scan Pulse. Refill your gauge with the Aeion Orbs foes may drop when you either beat them or successfully parry.[7]

Gallery[edit | edit source]

References[edit source]

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