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Operations Deck

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Operations Deck
Operations Deck elevator

Samus entering the Operations Deck through an Elevator


Metroid Fusion

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The Operations Deck is the command post of the Biologic Space Labs research statio. The Operations Deck is a small area within the Main Deck, with only seven mapped rooms, connected to the Main Deck through an Elevator and several uncharted rooms. The entire deck consists of an Elevator room, a Recharge Room, a Save Room, a Navigation Room, a Data Room, the Operations Room, and one large middle section that connects most other rooms.

Samus is first sent to the Operations Deck to retrieve data for the Missiles from the Data Room in the deck to greatly raise her chance of survival.[1] Samus downloads the Missile data, but is unable to leave the Operations Deck through the elevator as the research station's power is disturbed. She is, however, able to leave through a special hatch vulnerable only to her newly acquired Missiles.

Samus revisits the Operations Deck as a final mission to send the B.S.L research station out of orbit towards SR388 using the Operations Room.[2] When she arrives at the Locked Hatch leading to the Operations Room, Samus encounters and engages an SA-X. The lock opens when the SA-X is defeated, giving Samus passage to the Operations Room.

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  1. "With Missiles, your chance of survival climbs to 20%..." —Adam Malkovich (Metroid Fusion)
  2. "You would have to start the propulsion sequence now. Before the Federation arrives. Samus, this is your last mission. Go to the Operations Room and adjust the station's orbit path to intercept SR388." —Adam Malkovich (Metroid Fusion)

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