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Magmoor Caverns

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Magmoor Caverns
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Lava Lake of Magmoor Caverns


Metroid Prime


Lava-flooded caverns, Extremely high temperatures




Tallon IV

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Tallon Overworld
Chozo Ruins
Phendrana Drifts
Phazon Mines

The Magmoor Caverns are a large volcanic region of Tallon IV, and the third area visited by Samus in Metroid Prime.

The Caverns are primarily subterranean and are widely considered a crossway in Metroid Prime, supported by the fact that all areas of Tallon IV, except for the Impact Crater, connect to it. Their name originates from the common lava-dwelling predator that inhabits the area, the Magmoor.

Features and Environment[edit | edit source]

Structure[edit | edit source]

The Magmoor Caverns are fraught with environmental hazards, specifically overwhelming heat, extruding Flame Jets, and abundant lava lakes, which often necessitate the use of the Varia Suit and other upgrades, such as the Spider Ball and Grapple Beam, to safely venture deep within them. Several caves have large Stalactite formations that can be dislodged to create platforms for navigational purposes, as well as floating platforms which will often descend when burdened with too much weight. Pillars with weak structural integrity can be spotted with the X-Ray Visor and destroyed with powerful concussive weapons, revealing items within.

The abundance of magma pools in the area attracted the Space Pirates, who were looking for new power sources. Eventually they set up a geothermal processing operation in the Monitor Station, protected by Auto Defense Turrets and Flying Pirates, using Immersion Pistons; it was so successful that a recommendation was sent to the Space Pirate Energy Command calling for deactivation of their Central Dynamo in favor of total reliance on geothermal power,[1] though later scans in Phazon Mines reveal that those plans were never brought to fruition.[2] The Space Pirates also had plans to harvest local magma-filled crystal formations that were valuable in specific markets.[3]

While the whole area is below every other area in the game, three rooms are located above the surface, those being the Triclops Pit, Monitor Station, and Magmoor Workstation.

Biosphere[edit | edit source]

Local bioforms are hardy and aggressive. The most common enemies of Magmoor Caverns are the Magmoors, Puffers, Triclops, Grizbys, Plated Parasites, and Puddle Spores. All these species are adapted to the intense heat of the environment and some of them even inhabit the lava itself.

The Caverns are too harsh to sustain plantforms, and consequently all local species are carnivorous predators or scavengers.

Obstacles and Acquisitions[edit | edit source]

This area is the only one in Metroid Prime that does not contain a boss. It also has the least amount of upgrades, besides the Impact Crater, the only ones being the Ice Spreader and the Plasma Beam. There are three Missile Expansions, two Energy Tanks, and one Power Bomb Expansion.

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References[edit source]

  1. "Immersion pistons are leaching power from the magma pools as planned. Geothermal power source is promising. Recommend Energy Command deactivate Central Dynamo and switch to geothermal power at once." —Scan Data (Metroid Prime)
  2. "Phazon Processing and security systems are taxing the Dynamo beyond safety tolerances. Though the conversion to geothermal power is easing the drain on our systems, it is not enough. Further power use at current levels could lead to system failure." —Scan Data (Metroid Prime)
  3. "Local crystal formations possess low Phazon residue. They do have high value to the monks of Grondheim, however. Recommend processing of crystal for that market once Phazon operations cease." —Scan Data (Metroid Prime)

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ラヴァケイブス Lava Caves
Spanish Cavernas Magmoor Magmoor Caverns
French Cavernes du Magmoor Magmoor Caverns
German Höhlen von Magmoor Magmoor Caverns
Italian Grotte Magmoor Magmoor Caverns 
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