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Metroid Dread

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ZDR is a planet and the location of the game Metroid Dread. Seven Extraplanetary Multiform Mobile Identifiers (or E.M.M.I.) were sent to investigate a mysterious transmission sent to the Galactic Federation showing a living X Parasite.

History[edit | edit source]

After receiving a video transmission of a living X Parasite, 7 E.M.M.I. were sent to the planet. Soon, all communication was lost with the E.M.M.I. so the Galactic Federation sent Samus Aran to ZDR. Samus landed on the surface in her Gunship. After fighting Raven Beak and losing, Samus traveled throughout ZDR to get back to the surface. After fighting Raven Beak once again, Samus defeated him. She then escaped to her Gunship and flew away from the planet as it exploded, seemingly wiping out the X. After that she then gets a unknown signal that shows a unknown creature that has damaged a space station orbiting a planet. Samus is once again sent to investigate this unknown creature.

Areas[edit | edit source]

Artaria[edit | edit source]

The deepest part of ZDR, there is one big hot area and the rest are smaller. There is organic life that survives here too. One main instance of organic life is Corpius, a giant creature with a skull-like face, two strong arms that keep it supported and able to walk. It has a long tail with a sharp end to it. Under Corpius are it’s ribs which Samus can slide under. There are three elevators in Artaria. The first leads to Cataris the second leads to Dairon, and the third leads to Burenia. Some main power-ups found here are the Varia Suit, a insulated suit that allows you to not take damage in super-heated rooms, makes the Dash Melee do more damage, and reduces damage done to Samus, the Screw Attack, a powerful ability that envelops you in an electric coating during spin jumps that can do damage to enemies, and the Gravity Beam, a special beam that allows you to grapple onto blue magnetic surfaces, Grapple beam boxes, etc.

Cataris[edit | edit source]

Cataris is northeast of Artaria and east of Dairon. This area has many hot places. There is both organic and inorganic life here. The main instance of organic life here is Kraid. Some important power-ups here are the Diffusion beam, which explodes a Charge Beam shot on impact and can go through one block. and the Morph Ball, (found by defeating the Green EMMI) an ability that allows you to conform your body into small spaces, this ability allows you to use the Bombs, Cross Bombs, and Power Bombs.

Dairon[edit | edit source]

Dairon is northwest of Cataris. Like the previous two areas, Dairon is mostly industrial and it is powered by a generator. There are no main instances of organic life here. Some important main power-ups here are the Speed Booster, (found by defeating the yellow EMMI) a special power that grants you super-human speed and the chance to use a Shinespark, and the Bomb, a simple ability that can destroy bomb blocks and can only be used in Morph Ball form.

Burenia[edit | edit source]

Burenia is an area adjacent to Dairon, it connects to Dairon via two different shuttles, one above the water and one below, it also connects to Artaria and Ghavoran by an elevator, and Ghavoran and Ferenia via Teleportal. Adam describes it as being almost completely submerged underwater with many different marine sea life based enemies there. The main boss here is Drogyga, a multi-tentacled monster that thrives in the water and hardens into a stone-like substance after being defeated. Some important main power-ups here are the Flash Shift, an ability that allows you to near instantaneously move to either side, and the Gravity Suit, a special suit that insulates you from the cold, is lava-proof, and allows you to move freely in water.

Ferenia[edit | edit source]

Ferenia was an area inhabited by Chozo. The only Chozo that was left here was Quiet Robe. Here, there is a mutated Quetzoa named Escue. Some important main power-ups here are the Storm Missiles (obtained by absorbing Escue's Core-X), missiles that can lock onto multiple enemies, destroy Storm Missile boxes, and damage enemies coated in electrical energy without using the Screw Attack, Space Jump, and the Wave Beam (obtained by defeating the purple EMMI).

Elun[edit | edit source]

Elun was a facility used by Raven Beak that was used to quarantine an outbreak of X among the Mawkin Tribe. In this facility, there are mutated Mawkin. The X also made it out of Elun and they had overrun the whole planet. The only main power-up you get here is the Plasma Beam, a special beam that goes through multiple enemies at a time, allows you to destroy Plasma Beam Barriers, and allows you to damage mechanical enemies without the use of Missiles or Charge Beam shots.

Ghavoran[edit | edit source]

Ghavoran is a jungle in ZDR. This area has a lot of Quetzoa inhabiting it. There is a Muzby infected and mutated by an X named Golzuna. Some important main power-ups here are the Super missiles, a straight upgrade to the standard missiles, the Cross Bombs, obtained by absorbing Golzuna's Core-X, and the Ice Missiles, a straight upgrade to the Super missiles.

Hanubia[edit | edit source]

Hanubia was an area on the surface of ZDR. There are no primary instances of organic life here, only creatures from other areas. The only main power-up you get here is the Power Bomb, obtained by defeating the Red EMMI. This is also the area that you fully come into your Metroid powers and become a Metroid.

Itorash[edit | edit source]

Itorash was an airship above Hanubia which was built by Raven Beak. After Samus defeated Raven Beak, Itorash fell out of the sky and crashed on the surface.