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Typical landscape of Mondreus


Metroid Prime Hunters (mentioned)


Barren, rocky

Dominant Race


Current Status


Spire in his Dialanche form on Mondreus.

Mondreus is the homeworld of the Bounty Hunter Spire, and presumably of the entire Diamont race. As the home of a silicon-based lifeform with a natural ferrous transformation,[1][2] it's safe to assume that the Mondreus is a telluric planet, primarily composed of silicate rocks or metals, or a combination of both.

References[edit source]

  1. "Spire is the sole remaining member of the Diamonts, an ancient silicon-based lifeform." Metroid Prime Hunters Instruction Booklet, Pg 54
  2. "Spire's alternative form is the Dialanche, a hypercondensed ferrous orb able to roll at high speeds." —Metroid Prime Hunters Logbook "Dialanche" (Metroid Prime Hunters)

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