Omega Cannon

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Omega Cannon
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The Omega Cannon in multiplayer

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  • Extremely Powerful
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The Omega Cannon is an extremely powerful weapon that uses gamma radiation.[citation needed] It is the final sub-weapon acquired in Metroid Prime Hunters and is used by Samus to defeat Gorea. Samus obtains it underneath the arena where she fights the final stage of Gorea. In this battle, the Omega Cannon does not cause any damage to Samus, even if fired right in front of her, and has no ammo limit. In multiplayer, the Omega Cannon can only be found in the Oubliette stage. Also, if the user is within the blast radius of the shot, he or she will also be destroyed. The Omega Cannon kills any character instantly. It is also a one-shot weapon in multiplayer, requiring the player to reacquire it.