Spazer Beam

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Spazer Beam
The Spazer Beam

The Spazer Beam in Upgrade form in Super Metroid


Samus Aran

Located in

Brinstar (Super Metroid)


Widens Samus's beam weaponry

The Spazer Beam (originally Spazer Laser Beam[1]) is a beam upgrade that fires a three-way beam. It first appeared in Metroid II: Return of Samus and also made its second and final appearance to date in its successor title, Super Metroid. The Spazer Beam has been replaced by the Wide Beam in Metroid Fusion, the Wave Beam in Metroid: Zero Mission, and the Diffusion Beam in Metroid: Other M. Its beams also bear a striking resemblance to the Wave Beam's in Metroid Prime.


Metroid II: Return of Samus

The Spazer Beam increases the width of Samus' firepower. If one part of the beam hits a target, the other two parts will continue, similarly to the Wide Beam in Metroid Fusion.

Super Metroid

Much like its predecessor, the Spazer Beam widens Samus' beam weapon. Unlike Metroid II, if a target is hit, the beam will cease to continue, including the beams that did not hit the target. However, at times, it will pass through surfaces. This beam weapon cannot be used simultaneously with the Plasma Beam, although there is a method for achieving such results.

When used in conjunction with the Power Bomb, Samus can create a Spazer Shield.




  • It is interesting to note that that Autracks, robotic enemies that fire "laser beams" are located within the area the Spazer Laser Beam.
    • The Spazer Beam and Autrack's laser beams do not appear to be traveling at light speed, which is actually possible when slow light is put into perspective. At the same time, it could be due to the game engine's limitation.
  • Samus's Spazer Beam upgrade is depicted as being held by a crab-like creature.
  • Although spelled Spazer in the Metroid series, there actually exists the SPASER (Surface Plasmon Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation), which was first described by Bergman and Stockman in 2003.



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