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Luminoth Dark Age

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Luminoth Dark Age

Luminoth Lore "Cataclysm"


Metroid Prime 2: Echoes


Luminoth, Ing


Aether, Dark Aether


Meteor strike devastates Aether's surface and creates Dark Aether, leading to war

The Dark Age of the Luminoth began when a stellar object hurdling through space collided with Aether, causing devastation of cataclysmic proportions. The Agon region, once fertile farmland, was scorched, and the Forests of Torvus were flooded.[1] After some time the initial trauma to the planet subsided and the Luminoth ventured out of their shelters into the foul air.[2] The impact shifted Aether into a state of Transdimensional Flux, stealing half of the planetary energy away from the Energy Controllers and making the planet violently unstable.[3]

Amidst the chaos of reconstructing a devastated world, the Luminoth discovered spacial anomalies and objects experiencing atomic division.[4] At the time, the Luminoth were too preoccupied with containing the devastation to research the cause of the disturbances. Those anomalies eventually grew beyond containment, tearing space asunder and opening dimensional rifts to a dark world.[5] Faceless, dark swarms spilled out of the rifts, overtaking native creatures and possessing them, turning them into enemies of the Luminoth that they called Darklings.[6] Many Luminoth were lost, including the Founder of Sanctuary Fortress.[7]

Their Dark Age took a turn for a worst when the Luminoth traveled through the rifts into Dark Aether and engaged in a full-scale war with the dark creatures they encountered on the other side.[8]


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